Installation Guide

Always replace both gas struts to ensure top performance and to prevent twisting caused by uneven loading.

EZILIFT gas struts typically store a gas charge of over 330 Newton and cannot be compressed by hand.

EZILIFT gas struts can be installed in minutes with no special tools required.

Careful inspection of all hinges and connecting points should be made for wear and tear or stress fractures. These should be replaced or repaired before gas strut installation.

Installation Instructions

  1. Turn off ignition. If old gas strut has a window demister electrical connection, carefully disconnect the fittings.
  2. Replacing worn gas struts it's recommended done with 2 people. 1 gas strut will not support the weight on its own.
  3. Before removing old gas strut, examine any fittings supplied to determine which components must be re-used.
  4. Have someone hold the hatch, bonnet, boot or rear window open while replacing the gas struts.


  5. The new gas strut must be installed in the same position as the old one which was removed. Do not scratch the rod.
  6. Do not remove both gas strut at the same time. Replace one, then close and open the hatch/boot/bonnet and then remove and replace the second gas strut.