Welcome to EZILIFT Gas Struts

You see them when opening the rear of a hatchback, a lift-gate, a boot or a bonnet. The same little black cylinders are also used in boats, caravans/motor homes and in many other applications.

Known as lift supports, gas springs or struts, they are of invaluable help in lifting, keeping open and gently closing all those parts of a motor vehicle and more.

As vehicle get old, the lift supports may lose some of the original gas charge and, in many cases, can no longer support the weight they were originally designed to carry. This is when a worn gas strut may slowly collapse and may even cause serious injuries.

EZILIFT, a new player in the Australian market, is the answer when needing replacement gas struts. There is an EZILIFT to suit most cars, SUVs and 4x4s from a comprehensive range and fitment can be an easy “do it yourself” job.

EZILIFT gas struts are sold as single units but as most gas struts are fitted as pairs it is recommended that both gas struts are replaced together.

EZILIFT gas struts are manufactured by a large O.E. manufacturer whose products comply with the latest engineering standards that meet or exceed vehicle manufacturers standards. They feature a heavy gauge body which is baked painted for long lasting protection of the product appearance and finish. The rods are hardened and polished; they will prolong the life of the top seal and of the product itself.

All applications are catalogued but before removing the worn units check that the extended length and end fittings are the same

EZILIFT gas struts are covered by an Industry leading 3 YEAR warranty from date of purchase. It’s just all easy going…. with EZILIFT!